Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fashion Photography Schools

Models are the big names of the fashion industry. People love them and admire them. Often people buy the products they are showcasing purely on the quality of the photographs, either on the magazine cover or within the article. Whenever people see a good looking model on a magazine, they will often wonder who it is. Hardly anybody, however, ask the name of the fashion photographer who did the photoshoot. They are the unseen heroes of the fashion world and are highly trained. Most people do not even realise that professional photographers actually have to go through fashion photography school in order to reach the level of expertise required.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fisher Price Digital Camera

My son is four and wants a "real" digital camera for Christmas but I don't really want to by him a normal digital camera which will be broken within 5 minutes of being opened. What I want is something tough that can stand up to any bashing that a small child can throw at it. That is where the Fisher Price Digital Camera comes in.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adobe PhotoShop is truly a big deal for most people. It pays to have this program in your computer in order to manipulate your pictures as you desire. With this at hand, you can be sure that you get to improve those digital images you have taken even before they get printed. This is more reason for you to give away beautiful pictures to friends and relatives.

However, it is not enough that you have the Adobe Photo Shop program installed in your computer. It is a must that you have a basic knowledge in Photo Shop so you can do the things that you want. As such it is very important to get an Adobe PhotoShop Tutorial.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Learning Photography

Photography is a great hobby which can be easily learned; in fact, learning photography has been one of my greatest joys in life. To start from a position where you take adequate photographs and develop over a period of time to take what other people consider to be great shots is wonderful. As most people do not take the time to learn photography it is surprising just how quickly you can become somebody that "wows" their friends with fantastic family portraits and brilliant holiday shots.

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Steam Traction Engines and Tractor Pictures

So has been resurected with a completely new look. I'm really happy with the layout and have added a gallery section where I can upload some of the photographs I have taken over the years. Anyway, to start with I have uploaded some pictures of Steam Traction Engines and Tractors taken at the Wood Green Steam Rally in Cambridgeshire.

Click on the link to see more Steam Traction Engine Photographs

Friday, June 30, 2006

Upclose and Personal in the Garden - A Selection of Macro Photographs

Since taking the shots of flowers at my wife's parents house at the weekend I have become seriously interested in Macro Photography. In order to improve my skills I went into my own garden tonight and started snapping away. I'm sure the neighbours must think I'm crazy, lying on the lawn with my camera shoved inside a plant, but hey the results speak for themselves.

Anyway, you can see the results in the Macro Photography section of

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Guide to Printing your Digital Photos

So, you have taken 1000s of digital photos but how do you print them off. There are really two options :

1. Use an online printing store
2. Print them youself

I have written an article on the relative merits of each an how to get started.

You can read it here

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An article on nude photography

Nude photography is the genre of art photography, whose subject is the representation of the naked (full nude) or partially naked (half nude) human body.The aesthetic value of nude photography and its boundary to erotic photography can only be determined with difficulty and inter-subjectively and is also affected by its numerous overlaps with pornography ... Read the full article here

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Flower Photography

At the weekend I went to my "in-laws" house with my family. Saturday was a really nice day and I got the opportunity to get the camera out in the garden. I managed to get some really nice macro shots of some of the flowers and I'm really pleased with them.

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Panasonic Launches DMC-L1 Digital Camera

The 1st ever Digital SLR Camera from Panasonic with Interchangeable Lenses

Panasonic has announced the launch date for the DMC-L1, its first digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera with interchangeable lens. From 22nd July 2006 this camera will be available in Japan and already looks set to be a firm favourite.

Leica D Lens provides a superior optical performance and matches perfectly with the digital SLR camera body

The DMC-L1 has a new LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT 14-50mm/F2.8-3.5 lens equipped with an aperture ring, focus ring and zoom ring, for easy, direct aperture setting. The focal length range is equivalent to 28mm (wide) to 100mm (medium telescopic) on a 35mm film and provides exceptional results.

The lens also provides outstanding macro shooting due to a 29cm minimum shooting distance (0.32x maximum magnification, 35mm equivalent) across the entire zoom range.

Superb image rendering with MEGA O.I.S
The DMC-L1 comes with Panasonic's Optical Image Stabiliser feature which minimises jitter from shaky hands. Thanks to the gyrosensors and Venus Engine Plus LSI built into the lens, the system detects camera movement at a rate of 4,000 times per second

O.I.S features two further corrective modes. Mode one constantly and continuously compensates for movements, ensuring that the image in the LCD and viewfinder is always clear. Mode two only stabilises the image the instant the shutter button is pressed. Both modes work with the DMC-L1, providing consumers with outstanding benefits. Mode one will be available for Olympus users if they are using the new Leica D lens.

Refined design makes the camera a pleasure to hold and use

This new camera features a shutter speed dial on top of the camera body, enhancing the sense of camera control. Combined with a classic design this ensure the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 is distinct in both design and operation. The body periphery and grip are covered with textured, simulated leather ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.

Complies with Four Thirds™* Standard

The DMC-L1 incorporates a live MOS sensor that conforms to the Four Thirds standard and offers 7.5 megapixels. It can be used with lenses made by a variety of manufacturers, giving users a host of equipment options. Noise is minimised by a special processing technology the runs on voltage as low as 5V.

*Four Thirds? is a registered trademark.

The power of the Venus Engine III LSI
The Venus Engine III is a newly developed image processing LSI which maximises the performance of the Live MOS sensor. Offering high resolution, superior colour reproduction and detailed gradation, the Venus Engine III also reduces noise to the level expected from a digital SLR, thus achieving stunning picture quality. The Venus Engine III also improves camera responsiveness supporting high-performance consecutive shooting and a short shutter interval. The Venus Engine III requires only 80% as much power as its predecessor and when combined with the Live MOS sensor's low energy consumption results in longer battery life.

Full-time Live View for a whole new style of Digital SLR shooting
The heart of a digital SLR is the mirror box unit, which integrates a quick-return mirror, viewfinder, and AE sensor. This, combined with the full-time image output function of the Live MOS sensor, achieves a full-time Live View function that displays the image on the LCD directly from the sensor signal. This incredibly useful function can be selected in both Auto Focus and Manual Focus modes. In Manual Focus, photographers can enlarge an image within the frame and then select the area focusing, making it easier to check the focusing condition on the large 2.5inch, high resolution, 207,000 pixel LCD. It is also possible to check the depth of field by pressing the Aperture button.

Shake off dust with the Supersonic Wave Filter system

A big problem with digital SLRs with interchangeable lenses is the possibility of dust getting inside the camera during the lens changes and contaminating the image sensor. If this happens, professional cleaning is often required. The DMC-L1 manages this problem by incorporating a Supersonic Wave Filter dust reduction, which uses supersonic vibration to shake off dust that might otherwise affect the image.

A Digital SLR offering home networking capabilities

As with all Panasonic Lumix cameras, the DMC-L1 is uses SD memory and is also compatible with mass-storage SD standard based on FAT32. This includes the upcoming super-high-capacity SD Memory Cards allowing more than 2GB (SDHC).

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